Shining Stars Youth Development Center

Shining Stars Youth Development Center

The Problem

  • Multiple researchers and agencies agree children who are not exposed to high quality education are more likely in the later years to drop out of school, repeat grades, or need special education, compared with similar children who has such exposure.
  • According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, juvenile crimes occur most frequently in the hours immediately following the close of school on school days.

Our Solution

The Shining Stars Youth Development Center began as an after-school character education program. The expansion of the program will feature an early childcare center, after-school, and summer enrichment programs that will build an early foundation of life-long learning and family support. The programs heavily integrate math, science, and character development through extracurricular activities, the Tag-Team Program, an innovative partnership with the New Heights Career Development Center, will provide on-site care options for parents utilizing the career development program.

Our Impact

  • Through past after-school and youth events, Shining Stars Youth Development Center has created a foundation for lifelong learning and character development to over 1,000 youth.
  • The after school program provides a safe learning environment that engages students in academic, social, and extracurricular activities.


“Educate, Encourage and Empower children with the foundation of character for life-long learning, citizenship and success.”


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