FVRI Programs

Family Values Resource Institute, Inc. (FVRI) is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides educational and counseling programs in predominantly urban areas to empower families with resources, skills, and principles for generational prosperity. We envision self-sufficient, cohesive families that fully experience life, liberty, and prosperity. As we believe strong families that value life and learning are the keys to creating generational prosperity, we operate four programs.

The Family Empowerment Center helps families and individuals through pre-marital and marriage counseling, parenting and life skills courses, and faith-based support groups.

The Women’s Help Center provides women facing unintended pregnancies with life-affirming resources including pregnancy confirmation, limited ultrasounds and prenatal care resources. The WHC is also a member of the Louisiana Alliance for Life, a state-wide special project that is managed by FVRI. 

The New Heights Career Development Center provides individuals with foundational skills for work readiness and career growth with High School Equivalency Test preparation, vocational training, college and career standardized test preparation, and career coaching.

Our future program is the Shining Stars Youth Development Center which will include an early childhood learning center and K-!2 enrichment programs as a Partner with Parents to prepare children for academic, family and career success.

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